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The Provista Story

At Provista Diagnostics, our mission is to simplify early cancer detection to improve women’s health. As a leading diagnostics company, our aim is to create, produce and market innovative solutions for unmet clinical needs. Our products and services help to diagnose diseases and inform better clinical decisions, thus enhancing women’s health and quality of life. We do this in a responsible and ethical manner with a commitment to excellence in every aspect of our business.




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Proven Leadership Team

Provista’s highly experienced leadership team has a proven track record in successfully commercializing new diagnostic products. The team operates from the company’s core values that stress candor in all communications, integrity across business facets, and the courage to pursue a bold vision to improve the detection and monitoring of women’s cancers.

Provista Diagnostics Management Team

Management Team

provista board of directors

Board of Directors

Scientific Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Products & Pipeline to Address Unmet Needs in Women’s Cancers

Provista is currently developing several blood-based diagnostic tests to address the greatest unmet needs and clinical challenges in women’s cancers, including breast, ovarian, endometrial and HPV-associated cancers. Provista’s blood-based approach is designed to complement the current standard-of-care, providing an additional diagnostic tool for early detection.

Videssa Breast
Videssa Breast is Provista’s lead diagnostic, and the first and only blood test for the early and accurate detection of breast cancer.
Videssa Ovarian
Using Provista’s proprietary ProteoMark® Technology, Videssa Ovarian is being developed in hopes to improve the rates of early diagnosis to give more women a better chance at earlier intervention and survival.
Videssa Endometrial Cancer

Leveraging its ProteoMark Technology platform, Provista will be innovating a blood-based diagnostic test to aid in the detection and management of endometrial cancer.

Videssa HPV Associated Cancer
Provista plans to apply its proprietary ProteoMark technology to developing diagnostic tests for the early detection of these HPV-associated cancers.
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