Videssa® Breast Cancer Blood Test

Designed specifically for the early detection of breast cancer in women with abnormal imaging findings

A simple blood test to detect breast cancer with high accuracy in women with abnormal imaging findings

  • A protein-based blood test combining Serum protein biomarkers (SPBs) with Tumor Associated Autoantibodies (TAAbs)
  • Previously CLIA certified
  • Launch as an LDT in USA
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Breast Cancer detection with high accuracy irrespective of tissue density.*

*Following identification of an abnormal imaging finding.


Challenges with Detection

If your mammogram showed a BIRADS 3 or 4, would you like to have the option of choosing a simple blood test prior to biopsy? Ask your doctor if this is right for you.

30 million

women undergo mammography annually in the United States

15.5 million

women undergoing mammography have dense breasts

32 states

have passed legislation that patients be informed of their breast density

The Videssa® Breast Solution

Videssa Breast is the first blood test of its kind to detect the presence or absence of breast cancer in women with abnormal or difficult-to-interpret mammographic findings. When used in combination with imaging, Videssa Breast can improve diagnostic accuracy and provide greater confidence and clarity when clinical assessment is challenging. Videssa Breast offers clarity for healthcare providers who must navigate complex decisions in women who present with difficult-to-interpret findings.

Start detecting breast cancer in women with abnormal imaging findings.

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