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Videssa Breast Early Cancer Detection

Breast Cancer detection with high accuracy (>98%) irrespective of tissue density.* *Following identification of an abnormal imaging finding.

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videssa breast early breast cancer detection

The only blood test that confidently rules out breast cancer.**In women with suspicious imaging findings, irrespective of breast density with greater than 98% accuracy in prospective clinical trials. 

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Challenges of Detection

Breast Cancer Detection Dilemmas

Current methods of breast cancer detection do not meet the needs of all patients, particularly in women with abnormal or difficult-to-interpret imaging findings. Clinical examination and imaging technologies are critical elements for detecting and diagnosing breast cancer, yet the high rate of false positives and false negatives resulting from these approaches can significantly impact patient care. There is a clear need for an alternative approach to improve the accuracy of breast cancer detection when clinical assessment is challenging.

Early Breast Cancer Detection

eBook: Breast Cancer Detection: Not a "One-Size-Fits-All-Approach"

Learn more about the current challenges of breast cancer detection and their impact on patient care. 

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Videssa Breast Solution

Videssa Breast Solution

Videssa Breast is the first blood test of its kind to detect the presence or absence of breast cancer in women with abnormal or difficult-to-interpret mammographic findings. When used in combination with imaging, Videssa Breast can improve diagnostic accuracy and provide greater confidence and clarity when clinical assessment is challenging. Videssa Breast offers clarity for healthcare providers who must navigate complex decisions in women who present with difficult-to-interpret findings.


everything you need to know about videssa breast

eBook: The Insider's Guide to Videssa Breast: Everything You Need to Know and More

Find out why everyone is talking about Videssa Breast! Download our free eBook to learn more about an exciting new blood test that improves breast cancer detection.

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Advanced Proteomics Technology

Advanced Proteomics Technology: Advantages of Utilizing Protein for Cancer Detection

Utilizing advanced proteomics technology, Provista Diagnostics has developed Videssa Breast, a simple blood test that detects and analyzes multiple tumor protein biomarkers for improved breast cancer detection. Unlike other blood-based technologies, such as, circulating tumor cells and cell-free DNA, breast cancer tumor proteins are well understood in the scientific literature and readily identified in the blood, offering a more effective approach to cancer detection.

protein biomarkers for early cancer detection

eBook: Unlocking the Power of Proteins: Why Protein Biomarkers Are the Key to Improving Cancer Detection

Learn more about the important role proteins play in detecting breast cancer and the development of Videssa Breast.

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