Variant Testing

Positive COVID-19 result can be tested to determine specific variant,
including Delta and Delta Plus. Results can only be shared with CDC only.

Highly Sensitive RT-qPCR Methodology for qualitative detection of:

  • Alpha Variant- B.1.1.7 (UK)
  • Beta Variant-B.1.351 (South Africa)
  • Gamma Variant- P.1 (Japan/Brazil)
  • Delta Variant- B.1.617.2 (India)
  • Eta Variant- B.1.525 (UK/Nigeria)
  • Kappa Variant- B.1.617.1 (India)

Positive COVID-19 test can be tested to
determine specific variant.


Identifies Delta, Delta Plus, and All Novel Variants

Requires additional 24 hrs

Start determining specific COVID-19 variants today.

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