Breast Density Does Not Impact the Ability of Videssa® Breast to Detect Breast Cancer in Women Under Age 50

This new study demonstrates that a blood test used with imaging can improve overall breast cancer detection and is not impacted by breast density. By providing biochemical information not available through imaging, Videssa Breast can help rule out cancer in women with dense breasts when imaging results are unclear.

  • For women with dense breasts, the resolution on imaging is not always clear enough to detect breast cancer
  • Improvements with digital mammogram & tomosynthesis have only benefited women with partially dense breasts, therefore women with very dense breasts still need more options
  • 10 percent of women have extremely dense breasts and are 10 times more likely to have an abnormality missed on mammogram


Despite significant advances in breast imaging, the ability to detect breast cancer remains a challenge. Confounding factors such as breast density may limit the effectiveness of imaging. The objective of this study was to evaluate the performance of Videssa® Breast in women with dense and non-dense breasts and determine whether this test could provide an additional tool to healthcare providers managing women who present with dense breasts and challenging imaging findings.

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