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Videssa® Breast Overview

Videssa® is the only commercial blood test to detect the absence of breast cancer even in women with dense breast tissue. Genomic testing can find the genes, and our Videssa® test can determine if the cancer is active. If you have your genomic analysis and want to know more, Videssa® may be the answer.

Doctors know that mammograms are not perfect and can miss some cancers especially in women with dense breasts.  Is there another test that can put your mind at ease?  Ask your doctor or call ProvistaDX and see if the Videssa® simple blood test is for you.

Julie’s Journey with Dense Breasts

For women with dense breasts and abnormal mammograms, annual breast cancer imaging can cause stress and anxiety. This stress, worry and anxiety of uncertainty can interfere with every aspect of a woman’s life. Find out how Videssa Breast helps alleviate anxiety for Julie in her video.



eBook: Breast Cancer Detection: Not a “One-Size-Fits-All” Approach

There is a critical need for an alternative approach to complement breast imaging technologies when clinical assessment is challenging, particularly in women with abnormal or unclear imaging findings.

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Dr. Elayne Arterbery’s Testimonial

Early detection of breast cancer provides the best clinical outcomes. Watch Dr. Elayne Arterbery discuss the challenges in breast cancer detection and the need for additional information to help provide patients with abnormal or unclear imaging findings more information about their results.

Ask Your Doctor If Videssa Breast is Right for You

Every woman’s situation is unique; your healthcare provider will provide you the best information to decide your next steps.

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Patient Brochure

To answer questions and provide more information about Videssa Breast download a copy of the patient brochure below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this test replace my regular mammography screening?

No, you should maintain your regular breast cancer screening as recommended by your healthcare provider. Videssa Breast is recommended for patients with abnormal or unclear mammogram results and/or with dense breasts. 

How can Videssa Breast help my healthcare provider to make decisions about my care?

Videssa Breast provides information that when combined with imaging results, allow your healthcare provider to make informed decisions on your treatment options. Mammogram results provide a visual interpretation of your breasts while Videssa provides biological evidence of the presence or absence of cancer. By combining imaging with Videssa Breast, your healthcare provider can have a more complete assessment of your breasts thus, improving early and accurate breast cancer detection.

  • Low Protein Signature (No): likely indicates the absence of breast cancer. Your healthcare provider may use these results along with other available clinical data to determine with confidence if follow-up (additional imaging and/or biopsy) is needed.
  • High Protein Signature (Yes): may potentially indicate the presence of breast cancer. Your healthcare provider may use these results along with other available clinical data to determine with confidence if immediate follow-up (additional imaging and/or biopsy) is needed.

What can the test tell me?

Videssa Breast helps determine whether you have breast cancer right now. This test is not like genetic tests, which are designed to determine your future risk of developing the disease. Results are not impacted by breast density, allowing for earlier and more accurate detection of breast cancer.

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