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Videssa Breast Introduction

Videssa Breast is the first protein-based blood test of its kind to provide early and accurate detection of breast cancer. Videssa Breast may provide clarity for women who receive abnormal mammogram results and/or have dense breasts. Videssa detects breast cancer in real-time, not the future risk of developing the disease. Videssa Breast delivers a more accurate "yes," reducing the risk of a missed or delayed cancer diagnosis, or delivers a high-confidence and accurate "no," reducing your chances of having a biopsy or additional imaging that could be avoided if you do not have cancer. For patients, the accuracy and reliability of Videssa Breast provides the comfort that comes with clear, reliable results and reduces the stress and burden that comes with additional testing and frequent follow-up.

Breast Cancer Detection Dilemmas

Addressing the concerns of early breast cancer detection.

Videssa Breast Story

Important facts about Videssa Breast, brought to you by the experts.

Resources for Advocacy Groups

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Videssa Breast Patient Brochure

Patient Brochure

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Videssa Breast Fact Sheet

Videssa Breast Fact Sheet

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eBook: Breakthrough Clinical Results: How Videssa Breast is Changing Breast Cancer Detection

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