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When to Order Videssa Breast

Accurate clinical detection of breast cancer depends on the effective use of complementary technologies. When considering biopsy and/or additional imaging in patients with an abnormal or difficult-to-interpret imaging finding, order Videssa Breast, prior to additional diagnostic procedures, to help determine if immediate follow-up is warranted.

How to Order

Follow these 5 easy steps to begin ordering Videssa Breast.

For additional information on how to order Videssa Breast, watch the video below and download our free forms, or contact Provista Diagnostics at 1-855-552-7439.

Step 1: Set up an account

Complete and submit an account registration form to Provista Diagnostics’ Client Services via Fax: 1-844-552-7439or Email:

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Step 2: Order Videssa Breast

Complete test requisition form, include patient demographics form and a copy of the insurance card.

Download Requisition Form


Step 3: Blood Collection & Processing

Complete blood draw or send patient to a local lab for sample collection

Download Collection Instructions


Step 4: Sample Shipment

Ship patient’s sample directly to Provista Diagnostics.


Step 5: Patient Test Results

Turnaround time of 5-7 business days upon receipt of sample.

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Videssa Breast is currently not available for ordering by prescribing Healthcare Providers in the State of the New York.

Interpreting Videssa Breast Test Results

Videssa Breast delivers a binary test result, reported as either:

  • Low Protein Signature: Iikely indicates the absence of breast cancer
    • Provides confidence that immediate follow-up (advanced imaging and/or biopsy) may not be warranted
  • High Protein Signature: may potentially indicate the presence of breast cancer
    • May warrant immediate follow-up (additional imaging and/or biopsy)
Videssa Breast Test Result