Get your MonkeyPox Infections detected quicker with a PCR.

Provista is simplifying health diagnostics with same-day results* using gold standard PCR Testing.

  • Same Day Results for most samples
  • 24 hours Turn Around Time (TAT)
  • CLIA/CAP Certified lab
  • Lesion Collection

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MonkeyPox virus is part of the same family of viruses as variola virus, the virus that causes smallpox. MonkeyPox symptoms are similar to smallpox symptoms, but milder, and monkeypox is rarely fatal.

ProvistaDx is pleased to announce the availability of our new MonkeyPox Assay. This assay is a Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT) by real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) intended for the qualitative detection of the Monkeypox virus (MPXV) in saliva samples from individuals suspected of Monkeypox. The Monkeypox Assay is a Laboratory Developed Test (LDT) validated by ProvistaDx in accordance with the CLIA Guidance Document (Policy for Diagnostics Testing in Laboratories Certified to Perform High Complexity Testing). It has not been cleared or approved by the FDA.  The anticipated benefit of the Testing Services is to determine whether you have an active infection of the MonkeyPox Virus.

Cost and Payment

Patients who have this test ordered by their Licensed Healthcare Practioner with insurance should not have any out-of-pocket costs for a covered test, but you should check with your health plan to confirm before scheduling a test. You will be responsible for any patient cost share as determined by your insurance. 

If the test is ordered by your Licensed Healthcare Practioner and you do not have insurance you will be responsible for the payment.


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