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Provista Diagnostics is a privately held molecular diagnostics company focused on developing and commercializing a new generation of proprietary blood-based diagnostic, prognostic and monitoring tests designed to address the unmet needs in women’s cancers. Our first commercial product, Videssa® Breast, is focused on early breast cancer detection, while additional products in development will focus on gynecologic cancers such as ovarian, endometrial and HPV-associated.  Provista’s state-of-the-art, high-complexity clinical laboratory is accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA).


In the US market, approximately 50 percent of women (15.5 million) undergoing mammography have a dense breast classification. Breast density impacts a physician's ability to identify cancers at an early stage. Over half of the country has enacted legislation requiring healthcare providers to inform patients of breast density at the time of screening.  In addition, 5.2 million women annually have breast imaging results where the presence of malignancy is difficult to determine. In these situations additional imaging and biopsies are typically required. Of the 1.7 million biopsies performed annually, 70 to 90 percent result in a benign diagnosis. For these healthcare providers, an additional diagnostic test, such as Videssa® Breast can provide clarity.  Provista's clinical trials observed that 98 to 99 percent of women with a negative Videssa Breast test result will not have cancer and therefore can forego additional imaging and biopsies. By providing additional information, Videssa Breast can help minimize patient anxiety and reduce overall health costs.

Early Breast Cancer Detection

eBook: Breast Cancer Detection: Not A “One-Size-Fits-All” Approach

There is a critical need for an alternative approach to complement breast imaging technologies when a clinical assessment is challenging, particularly in women with abnormal imaging results and/or dense breasts.

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Provista's proprietary ProteoMark® Technology detects and analyzes multiple tumor protein biomarkers for improved cancer detection. Unlike other blood-based technologies (such as circulating tumor cells and cell-free DNA), breast cancer tumor proteins are well understood in the scientific literature and easily identified in blood, which offers a more effective approach for cancer detection.

eBook: Unlocking the Power of Proteins:
Why Protein Biomarkers Are the Key to Improving Cancer Detection

Learn more about the important role proteins play in detecting breast cancer and in the development of Videssa Breast.

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Protein Biomarkers are the Key to Cancer Detection

What is Videssa Breast?

Videssa Breast is the first protein-based blood test of its kind to provide early and accurate detection of breast cancer. Videssa Breast may provide clarity to women who receive ambiguous mammography results and/or have dense breasts. With a simple blood draw, Videssa Breast can help healthcare providers determine with greater confidence, whether further diagnostic procedures are warranted or provide assurance that a patient likely does not have breast cancer.


eBook: Breakthrough Clinical Results: How Videssa Breast is Changing Breast Cancer Detection

Download our free eBook which reveals additional insights into the clinical performance of Videssa Breast and rigorous scientific discovery behind the test.

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