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Advantages of a Blood-Based Approach

Provista is developing blood-based cancer diagnostics that provide actionable information to clinicians to improve clarity in decision-making, reduce over and under diagnosis, lower healthcare costs and, most importantly, improve outcomes and save lives by improving early cancer detection. Provista’s diagnostic technology determines current disease state, not the future risk of developing the disease. Videssa® Breast is Provista’s lead diagnostic, and the first blood test of its kind for the early and accurate detection of breast cancer.


Videssa Breast

Videssa Breast offers clarity for healthcare providers who must navigate complex decisions in women who present with difficult-to-interpret imaging results. Videssa Breast’s ability to lower the rate of false positives, without compromising the ability to catch existing cancers, means healthcare providers can confidently counsel patients and reduce use of further diagnostics, including biopsy and additional imaging.   


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Clinical Results

In two multi-center clinical trials Videssa Breast significantly reduced the total number of suggested biopsies and rate of benign biopsies, while increasing cancer-to-biopsy yield. Results indicate that Videssa Breast can accurately detect the presence or absence of breast cancer with high sensitivity, specificity and NPV, irrespective of breast density.  Combining Videssa Breast with imaging improves the accuracy of breast cancer detection, minimizing false positives (benign biopsies) and false negatives (missed cancers), in women with abnormal imaging findings.

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The Science Behind the Test

Utilizing advanced ProteoMark Technology, Provista developed Videssa Breast, a highly accurate diagnostic test for breast cancer that combines multiple serum protein biomarkers and tumor-associated autoantibodies, along with patient clinical data. Given the complexity and heterogeneity of cancer, the use of a comprehensive multi-marker protein signature allows for improved diagnostic accuracy compared to other liquid biopsy approaches, such as detection of circulating tumor cells and cell-free DNA.

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How to Order Videssa Breast

If you are ready to start ordering Videssa Breast, please contact Provista at 855-552-7439 to setup an account or submit a completed account registration form via fax or email: 844-552-7439 or Client We will notify you once your account is activated and ship an initial supply of Videssa Breast Sample Collection Boxes to begin ordering the test. Interested in learning more about the sample collection process? Please visit our “How to Order” page and watch the video for detailed instructions.

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Insurance and Billing

Provista is committed to ensure that cost is not a barrier for any patient who may benefit from Videssa Breast. Through our Compassion Program, we handle the entire billing process, from claim submission to filing appeals, working collectively with patients, clinicians and insurance providers to minimize out-of-pocket costs whenever possible. Provista Diagnostics designed the Compassion Program to assist patients and providers with insurance and financial needs by offering comprehensive reimbursement services to make the entire billing process as simple and cost-effective as possible.

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