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Provista Blog > When You Combine Two Classes Of Biomarkers, What Do You Get?

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When You Combine Two Classes Of Biomarkers, What Do You Get?

Posted by Provista Diagnostics on December 29, 2016

Revolutions in science and cancer exploration have enabled us to detect cancer at the cellular level. This is done by detecting biomarkers in the blood. A biomarker is defined by the National Cancer Institute as "a biological molecule found in the blood, other body fluids, or tissue that is a sign of normal or abnormal process, or of a condition or disease". Biomarkers may be produced by both normal cells and cancer cells, but are often up-regulated or misregulated in cancer. Proteomic technologies can isolate fluctuations in protein signatures in the blood to specific cancers, including breast cancer. Until now this technology has been non-existent.

To improve patient outcomes and detect breast cancer as early as possible we must use ProteoMark technology, which allows us to detect reliable protein signatures in the blood. This technology combines two classes of biomarkers; Serum Protein Biomarkers (SPBs) and Tumor-Associated Autoantibodies (TAAbs).



Tumor Associated Autoantibodies Funnel_FINAL.png



The body’s immune response releases TAAbs into the bloodstream in response to the presence of tumor proteins, but not normal proteins. They are highly stable, highly specific and easily detected in serum. TAAbs provide specificity for breast cancer.











SPBs are produced either by the host, surrounding environment or tumor including proteins (involved in but not limited to) inflammation, angiogenesis and cell growth. In the presence of cancer, these processes can aid in tumor development and/or progression. SPB’s are highly sensitive but lack the specificity of TAAbs.





The combination of two classes of biomarkers (TAAbs and SPBs) in ProteoMark Technology allows us to rule out breast cancer in patients independent of anatomy and family history. It has been conclusively demonstrated that by including both SPBs and TAAb’s with the same signature, we are able to capture cancer signals from eight of the ten “Hallmarks of Cancer”. This all-inclusive approach when combined with imaging, is the key to early and precise breast cancer detection.

What Are Breast Cancer Protein Biomarkers?
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