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Provista Blog > What Are Breast Cancer Protein Biomarkers?

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What Are Breast Cancer Protein Biomarkers?

Posted by Provista Diagnostics on May 1, 2017

Breast Cancer Protein Biomarkers

Despite advances in imaging technologies, the ability to accurately detect breast cancer remains challenging. This leads to situation where patients might be under or over treated, which can result in uncertainty and additional costs for patients. As a result, women with abnormal or unclear imaging results may benefit from an additional diagnostic tool to complement imaging to help rule out breast cancer at an earlier stage.

Innovations in science and cancer research have allowed us to detect cancer at the cellular level by identifying breast cancer protein biomarkers in the blood. Proteomic technologies can identify changes in protein signatures in the blood specific to breast cancer. This occurs by detecting the absence of disease related biomarkers in real time. 

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To improve patient outcomes and detect breast cancer as early as possible we can use protein biomarkers utilized in the development of our ProteoMark technology, which allows us to gain reliable protein signatures in the blood. This technology analyses two types of biomarkers; Serum Protein Biomarkers (SPBs) and Tumor-Associated Autoantibodies (TAAbs) and allows us to rule out breast cancer in patients independent of anatomy, family history and biopsy.


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Tumor-Associated Autoantibodies (TAAbs)

TAAbs are the body's immune response that are released into the bloodstream when the presence of tumor proteins are detected. TAAbs are stable, highly specific and easily detected in serum. 

Serum Protein Biomarkers (SPBs)

SPBs are produced either by the host, surrounding environment or tumor including proteins involved in, but not limited to, inflamation, angiogenesis and cell growth. In the presence of cancer, these processes can aid in tumor development and/or progression.

By combining two classes of protein biomarkers, how can we help to improve breast cancer detection? To learn more about the rigorous studies identified the optimal combination of tumor-associated autoantibodies and serum protein biomarkers for use in a breast cancer biomarker signature. 

What Are Breast Cancer Protein Biomarkers?
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