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Provista Blog > Two Tools Are Better Than One: Adding A Liquid Biopsy to Breast Imaging

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Two Tools Are Better Than One: Adding A Liquid Biopsy to Breast Imaging

Posted by Provista Diagnostics on November 23, 2016

For many healthcare providers and patients, the fear of misdiagnosing breast cancer often leads to additional procedures. Especially when a breast image is unclear and thus difficult-to-interpret.

Abnormal imaging findings are often due to two things:

1: Breast Density: High breast density is known to obscure cancer on a mammogram, often being described as looking for a polar bear in a snow storm which can lead to false negative results. The later breast cancer is diagnosed, the lower change of survival. Despite this there is no current clinical guidelines recommend the use of additional testing on women with dense breasts.

2: The “Gray Zone”: A tough question faced by Health care professionals is whether a biopsy is needed for women with unclear findings in order to detect breast cancer. Benign breast tissue can mimic the look of breast cancer, which leads to a high rate of false positives, causing unnecessary stress and anxiety for patients.

So what does all this mean?

The Problem:

We need a different approach to overcome abnormal imaging findings, as current methods of imaging have limitations.

The Need:

An innovative diagnostic approach to improve the accuracy of breast cancer detection, in order to reduce the rate of false positives and false negative results, when imaging is irregular and hard to interpret.

The Solution:

Provista has developed the first blood test of its kind, Videssa Breast, to complement current imaging technologies. Every hero needs their sidekick, and Videssa Breast is here to help health care professionals make definitive decisions when imaging is unclear. For women with unusual imaging findings, multiple clinical studies have shown that Videssa Breast can effectively detect the presence of absence of breast cancer. This is irrespective of breast density, with high sensitivity and high specificity.

Read more about the Breakthrough Clinical Results, which lead to the development of Videssa Breast.

Current methods of detection are beginning to reach limitations on how small they can detect breast cancer. Thus, when combined with imaging Videssa Breast can ensure breast cancer is detected in women with difficult to interpret imaging findings.

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