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Provista Blog > Resource Round-up: Breast Density

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Resource Round-up: Breast Density

Posted by Provista Diagnostics on June 23, 2017

Currently, over half the country (31 states as of this blog's publish date) has some type of breast density notification legislation. This means in these states, when a woman receives her annual mammogram, she will also learn about her breast density. While dense breasts are common – nearly 50 percent of women have dense breasts – increased density can impact early breast cancer detection. Increased density occurs when there is increased glandular tissue, which may obscur cancer on imaging. Continue reading below for recent studies about breast density, advocacy groups working to provide resources for women with dense breasts and pass legislation in states without it, as well as a few blog posts that discuss breast density in more detail. 

Recent Studies About Breast Density:


A recent article from University of California San Francisco entitled: 'Dense Breasts' Eclipse All Other Known Breast Cancer Risk Factors examines the impact of dense breasts compared to other breast cancer risk factors as studied this recent JAMA Oncology journal article. 

Advocacy Organizations Focused on Breast Density Legislation:

AYD .png

The mission of Are You Dense, Inc. is to educate the public about the risks and screening challenges of dense breast tissue and its impact on missed, delayed and advanced stage breast cancer to reduce advanced disease and mortality. 

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Read More About Breast Density In These Posts:

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To continue learning about the impact of breast density in early breast cancer detection, check out our free guide below. In addition to breast density, this guide covers other abnormalities that may appear on imaging. For women with an abnormal or unclear imaging finding, using a complementary blood-based approach in addition to the current standard-of-care imaging could aid in earlier detection of breast cancer.

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