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Provista Blog > [Media Round-Up]: New Study on Breast Cancer Blood Test

Provista Blog

[Media Round-Up]: New Study on Breast Cancer Blood Test

Posted by Provista Diagnostics on June 1, 2017

Last week the Clinical Breast Cancer journal published our latest study "A Non-Invasive Blood-Based Combinatorial Proteomic Biomarker Assay to Detect Breast Cancer in Women Under the Age of 50 Years". This study looks at the two prospective clinical trials we conducted to develop a blood-based Combinatorial Proteomic Biomarker Assay (Videssa Breast) to accurately detect breast cancer and reduce false positives from suspicious imaging findings. 

Read the study from the Clinical Breast Cancer journal here.

The study concludes: "Videssa® Breast can effectively detect breast cancer when used in conjunction with imaging and can substantially reduce unnecessary medical procedures, as well as provide assurance to women that they likely do not have breast cancer."

Take a look at what others are saying about the latest study and Videssa Breast here:


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