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Provista Blog > Can Complementing Mammography Change How We Detect Breast Cancer? 

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Can Complementing Mammography Change How We Detect Breast Cancer? 

Posted by Provista Diagnostics on December 6, 2016

Mammography is the current gold standard of breast cancer detection. However, it is not without its limitations. But, what are these limitations, and how can we change how we detect breast cancer?

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The Problem:

For many health care providers and patients, the fear of not detecting breast cancer often drives additional diagnostic procedures, especially when a breast image is abnormal or difficult to interpret. This has led to concerns about the over-diagnosis and over use of biopsy. Mammography relies heavily on visual interoperation, making it very difficult for health care providers to detect breast cancer in patients with dense breasts or patients who fall into the gray zone.



The Need:

A different approach to detection that provides additional information to complement current methods of detection, This is needed to reduce the number of false positives and negatives that occur due to difficult to interpret imaging results and thus, overcome the limitations of mammography. This approach must not be affected by visual interpretation of breast tissue anatomy and instead, must focus on physiology when detecting breast cancer.


The Solution:

The greatest promise for early and more accurate detection of breast cancer lies in the ability to identify early warning signs of breast cancer in the blood, called  "biomarkers." With the scientific discovery of key protein biomarkers and protein signatures for breast cancer, innovative blood based diagnostic tests serve as an ideal complement to mammography.

A liquid biopsy approach, complementing mammography by providing an additional price of information to help answer challenging clinical questions and determine the best course of action when “next steps” might be unclear, especially for dense breast patients or patients who fall into the "gray zone."


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