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Provista Blog > ASBrS 2017: Leadership, Education, Advocacy & Dedication

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ASBrS 2017: Leadership, Education, Advocacy & Dedication

Posted by Krissa McGoldrick, RN on May 12, 2017

I am sure most of us are still recovering from this year’s ASBS meeting held at the beautiful Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV.  The meeting was a huge success with a record breaking number of physicians attending and therefore dedicated to staying up-to-date on the latest advancements in breast care.

The reviews of the premeeting CME  courses that occurred on Wednesday, Apr. 26 and Thursday, Apr. 27 were stellar – bringing breakthroughs in breast cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment to the forefront of the meeting and setting the tone for a successful ASBS. For Provista, this was an exciting year, having Videssa® Breast featured in the premeeting course, “Advanced Breast Imaging for the Surgeon: Beyond 2-view Mammography: The Role of Current and Emerging Imaging Tools to Assist in Patient Evaluation and Management,” a presentation lead by Dr. Mark Gittleman examining the proteomic technology used in the development of Videssa Breast. Our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Judy Wolf and I had the pleasure to present at a workshop event on Thursday afternoon. We were certainly energized by the number of engaging physicians who were ready to learn more about Videssa Breast, specifically the utilization and incorporation in to their current clinical practice.

Provista Diagnostics also had an incredible number of physicians who visited our booth to speak with our team and learn more about the first blood test that helps rule out breast cancer. 

From left to right: Dr. Judy Wolf, CMO Provista Diagnostics, Krissa McGoldrick, RN, Dr. Thomas Frazier, Main Line Health & Nicole Kelly, RN

This year the American Society of Breast Surgeons meeting covered the latest surgical advancements, discussed management for atypical ductal hyperplasia (ADH) and other high risk lesions, discussed the ongoing controversy surrounding ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), educated physicians on the latest advancements with germline genetic testing including panel testing, featured speakers who were experts on molecular profiling, and one of my personal favorites, “Biology Trumps Tumor Size.”  

There was also some brief discussion on studies that incorporated advanced imaging for women with dense breasts, but I anticipate more clinical trials and awareness coming forward as more states continue to pass legislation on breast density.  One of the most impactful moments of the meeting was during Dr. Feldman’s presidential address where he so candidly told the story of how he became a prestigious breast surgeon.  He was a young man who had his heart set on cardiology until his older sister was battling stage 4 breast cancer and subsequently took some time off to go care for his dying sister.  His story was a beautiful tragedy that reminded me that someone’s loved one is behind every breast cancer case and although we have come so far with advancements regarding breast cancer, we still have a lot of work to do! 

The motto for the ASBrS 2017 meeting was certainly LEAD!

ASBS2017 - LEAD -1.png

It was an absolute pleasure to see the growing number of breast surgeons who encompass LEAD and I look forward to applying these same principles in the field as I spread awareness regarding Videssa Breast. 

Krissa McGoldrick, RN

Krissa McGoldrick, RN

Krissa McGoldrick, RN is the medical science liaison for Provista Diagnostics. She works with the company's scientific team to support research and education. Before joining Provista, McGoldrick worked at Gene Dx as a genetic testing specialist. Prior to her roles in the diagnostic industry, she spent nine years in oncology as a registered nurse focusing on treatment, research, genetics and patient support groups. Krissa earned her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Ursuline College in northeast Ohio.