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Provista Blog > 5 Reasons To Think Outside The Box In Regards To Breast Cancer Detection

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5 Reasons To Think Outside The Box In Regards To Breast Cancer Detection

Posted by Provista Diagnostics on November 17, 2016

For many years mammography has been the gold standard for breast cancer detection. Despite this, there are known limitations to the technology. To combat this we must combine innovative thinking and new tools with breast imaging and halt these limitations. Below is a list of five reasons why incorporating complementary technologies with breast imaging can help to ensure all breast cancer is not just detected, but detected as early as possible.

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  1. Current methods of breast cancer detection have known limitations in women with dense breasts, where dense tissue may obscure a lesion

  2. Imaging relies on anatomy not physiology, which means an additional approach that incorporates a biological view of a woman's breast cancer status could provide important information

  3. There are a large number of false positive imaging results due to current cancer detection methods, which leads to unnecessary biopsies, costs and anxiety for patients

  4. Current methods of breast cancer detection do not take into consideration the “gray zone.” This is when it is difficult to decide between the one percent variance for a patient to fall into the BI-RADS 3 versus the BI-RADS 4 category. This variance decides whether a patient should be watched closely every six-months for a two year period or if a biopsy should be performed today (American College of Radiology)

  5. There are a large number of false negatives imaging results for women with dense breasts causing cancer to go undetected until a later stage and thus, reducing the likelihood of survival 

While imaging provides an anatomical view of breast abnormalities, an additional diagnostic tool that provides accurate information on the real-time women’s breast cancer status is needed. To help address the diagnostic challenges in breast cancer, Videssa® Breast, the first blood test of its kind to accurately detect the presence or absence of breast cancer in women with abormal or difficult-to-interpret imaging findings. When combined with imaging, Videssa Breast improves diagnostic accuracy and provides greater confidence and clarity when clinical assessment is challenging. 


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